Education is everything in a child and adult's life.  As a child, the more educated she becomes, the more the ability to think for herself grows.  An educated child will learn to be confident, to ask questions, and to form her own opinions of the events going on in the world around her.  Just look at the Trump administration right now.  Questions are threatening to the administration.  President Trump is thin-skinned!

But that's not the point here.  The point is: education is necessary for every child worldwide.  We are in the year 2017. Every  child should have a level playing field and that is our goal.  Same goes for an adult: if an adult mind does not continue educating herself, it will deteriorate or become stunted.

Is Balance The Key To Life?

With that said, if a child or an adult doesn't exercise her mind with play (meaning physical activities that they enjoy), their mind will deteriorate and not grow as well.  Very simplistic, so what's the point of this short article?  It is that balance is extremely important in all aspects of life!

If you work 12 hours a day, chances are that it will catch up to you and you will feel tired and depressed at some point.  If you play too much, you won't be investing your time not learning and growing.   What activities can help you relax yet enjoy nature?  How about reading, fishing, paddleboarding, kayaking, hiking, basketball, going on a picnic?

For most water sports, you can rent or buy kayaks from a site after you read reviews like Oru Bay kayak reviews. The rest are even cheaper!  You can stop at a bookstore for a book, get cheap fishing supplies, walk with good shoes on a mountain or pack a couple of sandwiches.

The lesson here?  Combine that ying with some yang!